Skill Building Sessions

Here are some examples of skill building sessions which were held over the previous year:

Hammer Veneering: Gordon C. took a group of members through the process of hammered veneering. The session covered the following: tools of the trade; glue and preparation; cutting and preparing the veneer (including difficult burls); applying the veneer (including a burl); cleaning up the veneer for finish. Gordon also reviewd patterns and techniques for building a veneering hammer.

Using Joinery Planes: Dave P. held a session where he reviewed the types and uses of joinery planes. Dave also covered the uses and construction of shooting boards for trimming pieces for square and miter joints.

The Gottshell Block Challenge: Jock C. conducted a session  based on student exercises developed by the early 20th century period furniture maker Franklin Gottshall. This challenging exercise requires the student to cut a number of interlaced joints using only a chisel and saw.

Turning: Bob S. hosted a number of turning sessions in his Wanaque workshop. Bob, a 4th generation carpenter has a wealth of turning experience.  He supplied tools, lathes, expertise and material to the attendees.

Hand Cut Mortise and Tenons: Dave P., one of the club’s hand tool practitioners led a group of members through the steps involved in laying out and cutting mortise and tenon joints by hand.