Monthly Meetings

Our Monthly Meetings usually include a guest speaker and/or a member presentation. Members are also encouraged to give updates on their own projects and to share any new woodworking experiences that they’ve had over the past month.

Dec. 2016 The December meeting was NJWA’s annual holiday get together for members and their guests. The meeting featured light refreshments and an exhibition of the recent work of a number of memebers. Click to see a few of the items which were on display.

Nov. 2016 This month’s meeting began with a presentation by Dave Peterson on an ancient tool called a sector. More information re. sectors can be found at By Hand and Eye. The majority of our meeting was taken up by the club’s annual swap meet. Member brought surplus tools and materials that they were interested in selling. In addition, Joel Moskowitz donated a collection of woodworking books that we auctioned off at the meeting. (View Mortise and Tenon Newsletter)

Oct. 2016:  Our featured presenter was Jet equipment representative Chris Chubbuck, who spoke to the attendees about new developments in the Jet product line. Chris also answered specific questions from club members who own Jet equipment.

Sept 2016: Joel Moskowitz of Tools for Working Wood and Gramercy Tools spoke about rasps. Joel discussed the uses of rasps and demonstrated a variety of rasping techniques. In addition, he talked about how rasps are made and the difference between high quality and low quality tools. Joel was kind enough to donate two Gramercy rasps to the club for a raffle. (View Mortise and Tenon Newsletter)

August 2016: Club Vice President Jock C. spoke about his Line and Berry project. He demonstrated techniques for cutting line and berry designs, described options for tools to cut the designs and walked through the thought process for developing a design from scratch. (View Mortise and Tenon Newsletter)